Canyoning in Valle d'Aosta

Who might be interested
Everyone, adults and youth from 10 years on.

Descrizione dell'attiviActivity description
A young activity, which got popular in the last years. Descend the gorge of a torrent: an isolated and detached place, which offers being discovered swimming, jumping, walking and with alpine techniques, like a gigantic, natural aquatic park.
Rappelling down long, sparkling waterfalls or jumping into a bowl of shimmering emerald green water or gliding down long  toboggans concaved by the water: This is what is nowadays called canyoning.
It is sufficient to wear a diving suit and a specific harness to be able to rappel into the torrent and to find yourself in an exceptional and fascinating world. With jumps and shutes mined into the rock  you pass from one bowl of water into the next, enjoying the awe-inspiring colors of nature.

Skills & training required and expected difficulty
For every torrent which can be done descending it is necessary to be able to swim, to be confident with water and not to suffer under vertigo. For the canyons to start with like the torrent of Chalamy (valley of Champdepraz) there are no other particular skills or training necessary. At the easy canyon the few difficulties at each descend are presented by the rope. To affront these every person will get advised and assisted by the accompanying guide. The jumps are never obligatory, the guide will give indications about how to affront them.

Clothing and personal equipment
Bathing suits, underwear for change, bathing gown or towels, trekking shoes (better) or robust running shoes and eventual a pair of working gloves (not obligatory).

Technical equipment provided by the guide
Diving suit 5-6mm, canyoning harness and helmet.

Contacts and informations

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Gran Paradiso

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